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Lower High Falls, Talladega Forest - Bill Wilson
Clean Boating Tips

Unfortunately, raw sewage is not the only threat to the health of Alabama's waterways. As much as we enjoy the waters for recreation, the presence of boats and people both pose significant dangers to water and wildlife. Unless, of course, each and every person who enjoys the water make an effort to protect it. Here are a few suggestions for helping protect the water while you're enjoying it:

  • Rinse your boat with fresh water after each use to help reduce the need for cleansers and heavy-duty products.

  • Instead of chemicals, use alternative cleaning methods like baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, borax and, of course, elbow grease.

  • Don't overfill your fuel tank. If you overflow onto the boat or dock, wipe up the spill with a rag; do not hose it into the water. If you do spill fuel or oil into the water, do not disperse it with detergent or soap.

  • If you become grounded, do not attempt to motor your way out. This could cause serious damage not only to your motor and propellers, but also to the water bottom and marine organisms.

  • Stow all loose items like plastic bags, drink cans, and other articles so they do not blow overboard. Never discard your garbage overboard. Whatever you take aboard, bring back with you.

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