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Forestry BMP Program

Best Management Practices for Forestry (Timber Harvesting)
The Department has a long-standing and continuing compliance program relative to the implementation of effective best management practices (BMPs) associated with timber harvesting forestry activities, including road construction associated with these harvesting operations.

The Department's Field Operations Division staff and Alabama Forestry Commission staff work cooperatively to promote forestry (silviculture) BMP implementation, conduct compliance assistance for forestry operators, perform routine evaluations of forestry activities statewide, respond to citizen complaints in a timely manner, achieve voluntary implementation of BMPs where possible, and the Department requires implementation of BMPs though compliance assurance activities, as necessary. In addition, Field Operations Division staff independently perform compliance inspections of forestry operations and initiate appropriate compliance activities as needed in order to ensure that effective forestry BMPs are implemented and maintained to ensure the protection of water quality.

Alabama's Best Management Practices for Forestry

Alabama's Pre-Harvest Guide for Forest Landowners

Alabama Forestry Commission

If you have any questions, wish to file a complaint related to BMP implementation or potential water quality impacts, or want to request additional information regarding water quality requirements relative to forestry timber harvesting operations, please contact ADEM at:

Field Operations Division
Phone: 334-394-4311