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Animal Feeding Operations
Effective April 1, 1999, the Department promulgated ADEM Administrative Code Chapter 335-6-7, which defines the requirements Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs) must meet to protect water quality. This chapter establishes an AFO compliance assistance and assurance program and a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) NPDES registration by rule program. Under the rules, all CAFOs are required to register with ADEM, and all AFO/CAFOs are required to implement and maintain effective best management practices (BMPs) for animal waste production, storage, treatment, transport, and proper disposal or land application that meet or exceed USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) technical standards and guidelines.

AFO/CAFO Program Rules - ADEM Admin. Code R. 335-6-7

NRCS Field Office Technical Guide, Section IV, Standards and Specifications - Conservation Practice Standards, Job Sheets, and Guide Sheets (information may take several minutes to retrieve)

Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook - National Engineering Handbook Series (NEHS), Part 651 (information may take several minutes to retrieve)

CAFO Registration Postings: Proposed CAFO registrations are posted to the Pending Registrations report above. Approved registrations are posted to the Approved Registrations report above. The second column in each report contains the ADEM facility Master ID. To review the NOR open eFile and enter the ADEM Master ID into the Facility field and click the Master ID radial button. To obtain a copy of a WMSP or comment on the NOR, please email fieldmail@adem.alabama.gov.

After receipt of a complete registration and review by the Department, the Department determines whether to approve or deny the request for registration. In the event the registration is approved, within 30-days after the registration approval date, any interested party, as provided in Code of Alabama 1975, §22-22A-7(c), as amended, may appeal the registration approval to the Environmental Management Commission.

AFO/CAFO Program Information

ADEM Comprehensive WMSP Information Review Checklist

QCP Preparation/Review/Update Certification of ADEM Required WMSP

ACES AFO-CAFO Annual Inspection-Certification R-5 Form

ACES AFO-CAFO Record Keeping Forms and Other Helpful Information

ADEM AFO/CAFO Construction Stormwater Requirements

CBMPP - Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas

ADAI-ADEM Authorized Methods of Poultry Mortality Management

ADAI Poultry Regulation Information

Approval Procedures, Registration Form and List of Approved Incinerators

ADEM Land Division Emergency Disposal of Solid Waste

AFO/CAFO Required Buffer/Setback Distances

Continuing Education Requirements for CAFOs

EPA AFO/CAFO Regulations

AFO/CAFO Nutrient Application Buffer Determination Water Quality Classification and Designation Map
(Visual representation only. See ADEM Admin. Code ch. 335-6-7 (AFO/CAFO Rules))

Licensed Well Driller AFO-CAFO Buffers Education-Outreach Information

ADEM Individual Water Well Closure - Decommissioning Information

NRCS Water Well Closure - Decommissioning Information

Land Application Weather Forecast Information



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Contact Information

Attn: Field Operations Division
Post Office Box 301463
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1463

ADEM AFO/CAFO Program Staff Service Areas

Telephone Number : (334) 394-4311