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Permitting and Registration

Land Division issues permits for hazardous waste and solid waste facilities, processors of scrap tires and medical waste, and transporters of hazardous waste/used oil and medical waste. These permit types are:
Permit Type Basis For Permit Duration
Hazardous Waste TSDF Permit 335-14-8-.01 10 years
Hazardous Waste/Used Oil Transporter Permit 335-14-8-.09 3 years
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Permit 335-13-4 10 years
Industrial Waste Landfill Permit 335-13-4 10 years
Construction/Demolition Waste Landfill Permit 335-13-4 10 years
Scrap Tire Processor Permit 335-4-3-.03 3 years
Scrap Tire Transporter Permit 335-4-3-.03 3 years
Medical Waste Processor Permit 335-17 3 years
Medical Waste Transporter Permit 335-17 3 years

Land Division also issues registration numbers or requires registration of hazardous waste generators. The registration types are:

Registration Type Basis For Registration Frequency/Duration
Notification of Regulated Waste Activity 335-14-3-.01(4) annually
Scrap Tire Receiver 335-4-3-.01 one time
Medical Waste Generator Notification 335-17-.01 one time

To apply for a permit, the applicant must prepare a completed application package in accordance with the regulations requiring the permit. Failure to submit a completed application may cause a delay in the review of the application or result in the return of the application. Click here for a list of all Land Division forms.

Each permit application requires submittal of an application fee. The applicant should review ADEM Administrative Code 335-1-6 for the appropriate fee schedule for the permit to be requested. Failure to submit the appropriate fee will result in delayed review of the application until the fees are received. There is no fee required for the Scrap Tire Receiver submitting ADEM Form 537 or the Medical Waste Generator submitting ADEM Form 410.

Once ADEM receives a complete permit application, the time to process the application varies. Hazardous waste TSDF permits and municipal solid waste landfill permits may take more than two years to review and fully process. Other permits may take only 60-90 days to reach a final decision. An applicant should be aware that submittal of a complete application does not guarantee issuance of the permit.