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UST Compliance

The UST Compliance Section of the Groundwater Branch is responsible for implementation of equipment and leak detection standards for underground storage tank systems. These staff perform inspections and recommend enforcement action where needed. This Section also serves to provide the regulated public with as much information as possible to ensure that a tank owner or operator understands what their responsibilities.

Comprehensive UST Application for Reporting Data (CUSTARD)
CUSTARD currently consists of an email collection tool, a Facility Report tool, a UST-specific form list, the AST registration certificate tool, and a link to pay UST Regulatory Fees. This UST Email Collection Tool will allow owners and operators of UST systems to register their email addresses with the Department. They will be used to send testing reminders, regulatory updates, invoices, and more. The Facility Report Tool will allow anyone to look up any UST site and generate a detailed status report.

Guidance Documents and Helpful Information
ADEM Guidance for Emergency Power Generator Release Detection Requirements, Effective December 8, 2017
ADEM Guidance for Low Level Hydrostatic Integrity Test of UST Containment Sumps, Effective December 8, 2017
ADEM Guidance for Revisions to Alabama UST Regulations, Effective December 8th, 2017
Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems, Practical Help and Checklists, Updated October 22nd, 2018
UST Inspectors Area Map
Other Helpful UST Information

UST Service Providers
List of Approved Operator Training Providers
SIR Vendors
Certified Tank Tightness Testers
Certified CP Testers
Certified UST Installer, Repairs, & Closure Contractors

UST Compliance Database
UST Owners
UST Facilities
Facility IDs (Permit Numbers)
FY 23 Public Record Summary Report on USTs