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Guidance for SRF Applicants

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program

Interested public water systems must submit ADEM Form 370. Please ensure that the correct number of original, signed forms and attachments are received by the Department. The Department will review all preapplications and rank them in priority order. Those projects that score above the funding line will be invited to submit a complete application. Upon final review and approval, loans will close typically within 6 months.

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program

Public bodies must submit ADEM Form 340. ADEM will evaluate the preapplications according to our integrated priority system. All projects that score above the funding line will be invited to submit full applications. Upon final review and approval, loans will close typically within 6 months.

CWSRF Eligibility

In 2010, the Department broadened the range of eligible projects to include green infrastructure, nonpoint source, water conservation/reuse, and agricultural runoff projects. The priority system now ranks projects according to anticipated water quality improvement, sustainability, and other factors. The preapplication form will allow applicants the ability to estimate their score before submittal; the ranking formula will allow applicants to adjust their project scopes to maximize water quality benefits and take advantage of bonus points for sustainability and growth factors. We strongly recommend potential applicants to download the form early in the planning process so that the design of the project will maximize the potential to rank in the fundable portion of the priority list.

Guidance for Completion of the CWSRF Preapplication Form

Most of the information needed to complete the form will come from the project planning documents. However, there are several sources of information that should be consulted to obtain information on the benefitting receiving water:
  1. HUC Codes - The Hydrologic Unit Code(s) are critical to evaluation of the project by ADEM. They can be found using ADEM's web application or EPA's EnviroMapper.
  2. TMDL - Applicants should consult the list of EPA Approved TMDLs and the most recent available 303(d) list. These sourced will assist the applicant in determining if a TMDL or draft TMDL is available for the receiving stream, and which pollutants the TMDL will cover. (See Page 3 of the preapplication form)
  3. Category 4 listed water bodies and Category 5 listed water bodies.
  4. EPA Priority Watersheds.
  5. Waterbody segments classified as Outstanding Alabama Waters.
  6. Waterbody segments designated as Outstanding Nation Resource Waters.
If you have any questions about applying for SRF assistance, please contact the SRF Section at (334) 271-7913.