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Clean Vessel - Don't Waste Our Waterways

If you love boating, you obviously love the water, which means you want to protect it and keep our beautiful waterways clean and safe for many years to come.

Here's one simple way you can help: don't dump waste materials from portable toilets into the water.

Dumping waste is a violation of state water regulations and can severely damage the quality of the water and the wildlife living there, along with spreading disease.

Sure, it's no big deal if one boater does it. But did you know that more than one million households in Alabama have some kind of watercraft? Do you want to swim in or eat fish from water contaminated by all of this waste? Probably not.

Which is why you should dispose of your waste materials at pumping stations conveniently located at numerous marinas throughout Alabama.

It's that simple: pump, don't dump. Do your part to help keep Alabama's waterways clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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