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Waste/Remediation Forms

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Form # Form Name
009 Alabama Recycling Fund Grant Application
011 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Initial Certification Application
012 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Reciprocal Certification Application
013 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Certification Renewal
015 Processing and Recycling General Information
016 Annual Recycling Report (for use by State Agencies/Departments and Schools ONLY)
018 Composting Facility Application
019 Annual Walkthrough Inspection Log
020 Spill Catchment Basin/Spill Bucket 3 Year Test Log
031 Alabama Tank Trust Fund Cost Proposal Part 1
032 Alabama Tank Trust Fund Payment Request
278 Disposal Approval Request
279 Notification for Underground Storage Tanks
283 Notification for Above Ground Storage Tanks
300 Solid Waste Profile Sheet
302 SARA Title III Section 302 Notification
310 Notice of Temporary Closure
317 Alabama Hazardous Waste/Used Oil Transporter Permit Application
323 Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technology Equipment Approval Application
326 Annual Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Report Form
330 Application for Name Change or Transfer of Scrap Tire Permit
332 Cathodic Protection Monitoring Form for Impressed Current Systems
400 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System 60-Day Inspection Log
403 Interior Lining Inspection Form
404 Interior Lining Report Form
406 Manual Interstitial Monitoring Monthly Log
407 SARA Title III Section 311: SDS/MSDS Reporting
410 Medical Waste Notification Form
411 Medical Waste Transporter Permit Application
412 Medical Waste Treatment Permit Application
413 Medical Waste Storage Facility Permit Application
414 Monthly Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Report
422 Notice of Intent to Permanently Close Underground Storage Tanks
423 Notice of Proposed UST New Installation or Upgrade
425 Notification of Election of Coverage under The Alabama Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Act
439 Permit Application Solid Waste Disposal Facility
460 Statistical Inventory Reconciliation SIR 7 Day Release Investigation Notice Form
462 Tank Trust Fund Eligibility/Ineligibility Determination Form
469 Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank Transfer of Ownership
471 UST ARBCA Tier 1 Report Forms
472 UST ARBCA Tier 2 Report Forms
473 UST ARBCA Tier 3 Report Forms
474 UST Closure Site Assessment Report Form
475 UST Free Product Recovery Report Form
476 UST Groundwater Monitoring Report Form
477 UST Line Tightness Test Report Form
478 UST Natural Attenuation Monitoring Report Form
479 UST Release Fact Sheet
480 UST Release Report Form
481 UST Site Classification System Checklist
482 UST System Effectiveness Monitoring Report Form
483 UST Tracer Tank Tightness Test Report Form
484 UST Ullage Tank Tightness Test Report Form
485 UST Vacuum Tank Tightness Test Report Form
486 UST Volumetric Overfill Tank Tightness Test Report Form
487 UST Volumetric Underfill Tank Tightness Test Report Form
492 UST Closure Total Potential Voc Emissions Calculations
521 Voluntary Cleanup Program Application Form
530 Technical Proposal for Qualification as a Scrap Tire Fund Remediation Contractor
536 Scrap Tire Manifest
537 Scrap Tire Registration & Exemption Application
538 Scrap Tire Transporter Permit Application
539 Scrap Tire Quarterly Report
540 Scrap Tire Processor Permit Application
541 Scrap Tire Site Registration
542 Brownfields State Revolving Fund PreApplication Form
543 Brownfields State Revolving Fund Application Fund
545 Cathodic Protection Monitoring for Galvanic Systems
546 Alabama Hazardous Waste Receipt for Samples and Documents
550 Brownfields Assessment Request Application
551 ADEM Line Leak Detector (LLD) Test Report Form
556 3 Year Containment Sump Integrity Test Report (Low Level Method)
557 3 Year Containment Sump Integrity Test Report
558 30 Day Walkthrough Inspection Checklist Log
559 3 Year Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspection Report
560 Annual Probe and Sensor Test Report
561 Annual Release Detection Equipment Testing Log
562 Compatibility Demonstration Log
563 Manual Tank Gauging Monthly Log
564 Annual Liquid Sensor Inspection and Functionality Test
565 ADEM Annual Tank Gauge Test Report
566 ADEM Automatic Line Leak Detector and Line Tightness Test Report
568 Application for Facility Name Change or Transfer of Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit
569 Beneficial Use Facility Registration Application
571 Beneficial Use Annual Reporting
8700-12 Notification of Regulated Waste Activity