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Guidance and Reports

Recycling Registration Guidance Document

Alabama Risk Based Corrective Action (ARBCA) Guidance Manual
Guidelines for a uniform approach for the assessment of cumulative risk at a contaminated site and the development and selection of appropriate risk-based target levels.

ARBCA Summary of Changes

Alabama Environmental Investigation and Remediation Guidance
Guidance prepared to assist individuals in understanding the necessary elements of environmental investigations and remediation projects.

AEIRG Summary of Changes

Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (UECA) Fact Sheet

Operating Permit Application Checklist

Post-Closure Permit Application Checklist

Remediation Checklist

Investigation Checklist

Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Act Fact Sheet

Drycleaner Remediation Waste Guidance

Hazardous Waste
2023 Biennial Report Guidance

Management of Universal Waste

Airbag Waste Fact Sheet

Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Fact Sheet

RCRAInfo Industry Account Overview

Contingency Plan Quick Reference Guide
Guidelines for creating a Quick Reference Guide.

Management of Aerosol Containers
Guidance for disposal or recycling of spent aerosol containers.

Household Hazardous Waste - Management of Used Oil
The regulatory requirements governing the management of household-generated used oil.

Episodic Generator Rule
An introduction to the regulatory requirements governing the episodic generation of hazardous waste for Small and Very Small Quantity Generators.

Notification of Regulated Waste Activity
Guidance for completing and submitting ADEM Form 8700-12.

Transportation of Absorbent Materials Contaminated with Used Oil
A brief fact sheet designed to help transporters of oil-contaminated materials determine if they are required to obtain an Alabama Used Oil Transport Permit.

RCRA Closure Handbook
Guidance document prepared for hazardous waste facilities undergoing closure.

Hazardous Waste: The Basics
Answers to basic hazardous waste questions including: What is hazardous waste? Who generates hazardous waste? What must I do if I plan to generate, transport, store, treat, or dispose of hazardous waste?

Hazardous Waste Personnel Training for Large Quantity Generators
This document clarifies the rules concerning the training requirements for hazardous waste employees at large quantity generator sites or facilities.

The Small Quantity Generator
Overview of the regulatory requirements governing small quantity generators of hazardous waste located in the State of Alabama

Small Quantity Generator Handbook
Guidance document prepared for determining whether one is a generator of hazardous waste.

Very Small Quantity Generator
Overview of the regulatory requirements governing conditionally exempt small quantity generators of hazardous Waste located in the State of Alabama.

Hazardous Waste Generator Treatment Options
Overview of allowable methods that a business can utilize to minimize their hazardous waste on-site, including strategies to reduce the amount of hazardous waste actually generated and acceptable on-site treatment processes that do not require a permit.

State Manifest Requirements
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted a Hazardous Waste Manifest Form used to track hazardous waste from a generator's site to the site of its disposition. Handlers of waste may obtain new forms from sources registered with EPA to print and distribute the form. The Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests form is EPA Form 8700-22 (rev 3-05)

The Used Oil Generator
A Fact Sheet which tells what a generator of used oil must do to comply with ADEM regulations.

Standards for the Management of Used Oil Handbook
Guidance document prepared for used oil management standards.

Waste Transporter Fact Sheet
General information for Transporters of Hazardous Waste and or used oil in Alabama

Waste Disposal Approvals
Guidelines for obtaining Departmental approval for disposal of wastes in commercial waste disposal facilities located in the State of Alabama.

Hazardous Waste Determination
Guidelines for determining the regulatory status of all wastes generated in the State of Alabama

Farm Pesticide and Container Disposal

Remediation and Investigation-Derived Waste
Guidelines for the management of all wastes generated during investigative and/or remedial activities.

Cathode Ray Tubes
Disposal of CRTs and other electronic devices generated by business and industry

Household CRTs - Management and Disposal
Disposal of CRTs and other electronic devices generated by households.

Fluorescent and High-Intensity Discharge Lamps
A Fact Sheet to provide a general understanding of the regulatory requirements governing the management of used fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps.

School Chemical Laboratory Wastes
Disposal of unused laboratory chemicals and chemical wastes generated by schools

Management and Disposal of Household Antifreeze
Disposal of waste antifreeze generated by households.

Household Mercury-Containing Devices
Disposal of thermometers and other mercury-containing devices generated by households.

Formerly Used Defense Sites
A fact sheet which provides information regarding issues relating to Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS).

Satellite Accumulation Fact Sheet
Managing hazardous waste at or near the point of generation.

Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rule Fact Sheet
Guidance for the management of Solvent-Contaminated Wipes under the solid waste exclusion or hazardous waste exclusion.

Final Report of Corrective Measures
A fact sheet regarding the submission of final reports for sites that have completed the corrective action process.

Solid Waste
Disaster Debris Disposal Memo
This document discusses the management of debris from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and winter storms. It does not discuss the management of debris from deliberate or planned incidents of state or national significance.

Solid Waste Disposal in Alabama
Gives an overview of the permitting, types of waste allowed for disposal, technical design and siting requirements for solid waste landfills.

Management of Demolition Waste
Gives an overview of the managing and disposing of demolition waste.

Unauthorized Dump and Scrap Tire Sites Factsheet
A fact sheet regarding illegal solid waste dumps and scrap tire sites.

Solid Waste Volume Report

Alabama Groundwater Monitoring Reporting Guidance for Solid Waste Facilities
Guidance to assist municipal solid waste landfills, closed sanitary landfills, C&D landfills and industrial landfills in the preparation of groundwater monitoring reports.

Economic Impact of Recycling in Alabama ReTRAC Recycling Facility Reporting Users Guide

Medical Waste
Permitted Medical Waste Treatment Facilities

Permitted Medical Waste Transporters

Management of COVID-19 Waste

Sharps Management Fact Sheet July 2010

Sharps Management Poster (11x17)


Hazardous Waste
2017 Biennial Report Update

Electronics, Fluorescent Lamps and Related Recyclers List

Environmental Indicators
View current and historic Environmental Indicator evaluations for Alabama hazardous waste facilities subject to corrective action.

Hazardous Waste Codes

List of Commercial Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities

Solid Waste
Solid Waste Biennial Report 2020-2022

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2018-2020

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2016-2018

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2014-2016

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2012-2014

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2010-2012

Solid Waste Biennial Report 2008-2010

Construction/Demolition and Industrial Landfills

Municipal Waste Landfills

A Plan for Boosting Residential Material Recovery and Recycling in Alabama

Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program
Cleanup Properties Inventory

Scrap Tire
Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2020-2022)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2018-2020)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2016-2018)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2014-2016)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2012-2014)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2010-2012)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2007-2009)

Scrap Tire Biennial Report (2004-2006)

List of Permitted Scrap Tire Transporters

Suggested Transporter Bond Language for Bonding Agents

ADEM Scrap Tire Transporter Decals

Alabama Hazardous Substance Cleanup Fund (AHSCF)
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