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Alabama Coastal Area Management Program Coastal Area Boundary

Alabama Coastal Area Management Program Coastal Area Boundary

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Alabama Coastal Area Management Program

Alabama's Coastal Area Management Program (ACAMP) was approved and has been in effect since 1979. Its purpose is to promote, improve and safeguard the lands and waters located in Alabama's coastal area through a comprehensive and cooperative program designed to preserve, enhance, and develop these valuable resources for present and future generations. The enforceable policies of the program regulate various activities on coastal lands and waters seaward of the continuous 10-foot contour in Baldwin and Mobile Counties of Alabama.

The ACAMP is a joint effort of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources-State Lands Division and the ADEM Coastal Program. ALDCNR-SLD is responsible for planning and policy development while ADEM is responsible for permitting, monitoring and enforcement activities, as detailed in the ADEM Division 8 Coastal Programs Rules (ADEM Admin. Code R 335-8).

A major focus of the ADEM's permitting, monitoring, and enforcement activities in the coastal area is determining federal consistency (often referred to as coastal consistency) for projects and activities which require federal permits--for example, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' permits to dredge new navigation channels. In addition, ADEM's Coastal Program rules include the review and permitting for the following types of activities when they are to occur within the Coastal Area: beach and dune construction projects, developments and subdivision of properties greater than five (5) acres in size, dredging and filling of state water bottoms and wetlands, the drilling and operation of groundwater wells with a capacity of 50 gpm or greater, the siting of energy facilities, and other various activities which may have an impact on coastal resources.

Other ADEM responsibilities and activities in the coastal area include:
  • Development and implementation of the Alabama Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program.
  • Conducting the Coastal Watershed Survey Program.
  • Conducting studies and projects related to coastal resource management and concerns.
  • Providing assistance to local governments relative to coastal resource management issues through funding and technical assistance.

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