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Waste Pre-Approval and Determinations

A generator of hazardous waste or other special wastes desiring to dispose of these wastes in permitted disposal facilities in Alabama must receive approval from ADEM prior to such disposal, in accordance with 335-14-2-.01 and 335-13-4-.26.

Hazardous Waste Pre-Approval

Generators of hazardous waste must complete a hazardous waste determination prior to transporting the wastes to a permitted hazardous waste disposal facility in Alabama. The generator may use ADEM Form 278 or a form provided by the disposal facility to complete and forward to ADEM for review and approval. If the hazardous waste may be disposed of in a permitted disposal facility, ADEM will provide written notice to the generator or disposal facility.

Hazardous Waste Determination Fact Sheet

Solid and Special Waste Pre-Approval

Special waste defined in 335-13-1 may be disposed of in certain solid waste landfills if approved by ADEM. Generators must completed ADEM Form 300 and forward it to ADEM for review and approval. If the waste is appropriate for disposal in the landfills proposed for use, ADEM will provide the generator with an approval letter. It is the responsibility of the generator to provide the landfill receiving the special waste with a copy of the ADEM approval letter. Waste approvals for certain waste streams may be valid for a period of two years.

Waste Disposal Approvals Fact Sheet

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