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Lower High Falls, Talladega Forest - Bill Wilson
Coastal Watershed Survey Program

Initiated in 1993 by the Mobile Field Office, this program utilizes a spectrum approach for assessing the condition of the small subwatersheds located in Alabama's Coastal Area.

The strategy of this program is to integrate data collected from the water column, sediment and macroinvertebrate samples with information on land use, topographic characteristics, wetlands, and project growth and development, with a focus on the effect of non-point sources on these watersheds.

As of 2002, surveys were completed in 4 watersheds with other being conducted and/or scheduled. Copies of these surveys can be obtained from the ADEM Coastal Section office; downloaded in PDF format by clicking on watershed of your choice on the Water Quality Survey Study Reports Page; or by selecting the ones below:

Dog River 1994
Dog River 1995

Bon Secour River

Little Lagoon

Chickasaw Creek

Staff members from the Mobile Field
Office gathering in-stream water
quality data.

Watershed studies include many hours
of field time gathering data using a
variety of sampling techniques. Here
a staff member prepares to use a petit
ponar dredge sampler to gather
benthic macro-invertebrate samples.