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Alabama Environmental Permitting and Compliance System (AEPACS)
AEPACS is an electronic system that allows facilities to apply for and maintain permits as well as submit other required applications, registrations, and certifications. In addition, the system allows facilities to submit required compliance reports or other information to the Department. For more information about which programs are supported as well as help using the system, please see About AEPACS.

Comprehensive UST Application for Reporting Data (CUSTARD)
CUSTARD currently consists of an email collection tool. This UST Email Collection Tool will allow owners and operators of UST systems to register their email addresses with the Department. They will be used to send testing reminders, regulatory updates, invoices, and more.

AEERS (Air Electronic Emissions Reporting System)
AEERS provides air facilities with an electronic method to submit facility emissions data as required under Title V of the Clean Air Act.

EDWRS (Electronic Drinking Water Reporting System)
The EDWRS provides drinking water facilities with a way to submit MOR, CCR, and DWR data and allow the ADEM to electronically validate the data, acknowledge receipt, and upload data to state's central drinking water database.

ADEM Web Portal (AWP)
The AWP is a single sign-on system and central portal for online reporting systems hosted by ADEM. Currently AEPACS and EDWRS (see above) are connected to the AWP. Other applications will be connected in the future.

ePay allows for the electronic payment of various fees to the ADEM. Click the link below that corresponds to the fee you wish to pay. Do NOT use ePAY to pay any fee for a submission that is being made through AEPACS. You will be given the opportunity to pay the fee through AEPACS once you certify your submission.

Water/Wastewater Operator Certification
Smoke School
General Invoice (payments not applicable to above)

Effective November 20, 2023, submissions will no longer be accepted through the ePermitting portal. Submissions may now be made via the EPA RCRAInfo Industry App – myRCRAid Module. To start the submission process, please click