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Environmental Indicators

Enacted in 1993, the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) places new management expectations and requirements on federal and State agencies by creating a framework for more effective planning, budgeting, program evaluation, and fiscal accountability for federal programs. The intent of GPRA is to improve public confidence in agency performance by holding agencies accountable for achieving program results. Departments and agencies must clearly describe the goals and objectives of their programs, identify resources and actions needed to accomplish these goals and objectives, develop a means of measuring their progress, and regularly report on their achievements. Measuring and recording progress toward these goals will be a top priority for EPA and the States over the next several years. Environmental indicators (EIs) are measures of program progress toward meeting the goals set under the GPRA.

EIs cover two specific concerns to the facility and local community regarding environmental contamination:
  • Plausible human exposure to soil, groundwater, air and surface water contamination at or from the facility, and;
  • The continuing migration of contaminated groundwater, both on- and off-site.
  • The purpose of the EI evaluation is solely to evaluate the status of the two environmental indicators discussed, and that it does not reduce or limit in any way the facility's obligation to perform any monitoring, maintenance, investigation, remediation, or other activity required pursuant to any applicable regulations, permits, or orders.

    An environmental indicator evaluation should not be viewed as somehow separate and distinct from the corrective action process ongoing at RCRA facilities. Rather, it is an evaluation of current environmental conditions and a focusing of efforts on potential concerns that ADEM, the facility and interested members of the public must work toward satisfying through implementation of the corrective action process.

    It should be understood that the evaluations operate at the "facility level." In other words, every area at the facility must meet the control definition before human exposures or groundwater releases can be considered controlled. The EI evaluation represents a "snap-shot" of the facility's environmental conditions at a particular point in time. Because of the evaluation's focus on current environmental conditions, ADEM views the evaluation as an excellent resource for members of the public as well as the facility. ADEM hopes you find the evaluation useful and informative.

    To view EI evaluations for a particular facility click on the name of the facility below.

    3M-Decatur (Morgan County)

    Alabama Plating Company, Inc. (Shelby County)

    American Cast Iron Pipe Company (Jefferson County)

    Atofina Chemicals, Inc. (Mobile County)

    Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals LLC

    Char-Broil (formerly Diversified Products; Lee County)

    Chemical Waste Management (Sumter County)

    Cooper Tools, Inc. (Cullman County)

    DuPont (Mobile County)

    Fisher Industrial Services (Etowah County)

    Fuels and Chemicals, Inc. (Tuscaloosa County)

    G.C. Marshall Space Flight Center (Madison County)

    GTE Products Corporation

    Hunt Refining Company (Tuscaloosa County)

    Huxford Pole & Timber Company (Escambia County)

    Induron Protective Coatings (Jefferson County)

    Koppers Industries (Woodward Coke; Jefferson County)

    Koppers Industries (Woodward Tar; Jefferson County)

    Koppers Industries (Montgomery County)

    Lee Brass Company

    Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (Covington County)

    Occidental Chemical Corporation (Colbert County)

    Occidental Chemical Corporation (Mobile County)

    Olin Corporation

    Redstone Arsenal (Madison County)

    Rentokil Initial, Inc. (Mobile County)

    Safety-Kleen, Gurley (Madison County)

    Seaman Timber (Shelby County)

    Solutia, Inc.

    Stallworth Timber Company

    Systech Environmental Corporation (Marengo County)

    Tennessee Valley Authority - Power Service Center

    Terra First, Inc. (Lamar County)

    United States Pipe & Foundry Company (Bessemer Mill; Jefferson County)

    U.S. Steel Fairfield Works (Jefferson County)

    ** This page is under construction. Electronic copies of additional evaluations will be made available as soon as possible

    Additional information regarding EIs and GPRA goals can be obtained from the USEPA Office of Solid Waste RCRA Corrective Action Website.