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Waste/Remediation Forms

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Form # Form Name
009 Alabama Recycling Fund Grant Application
011 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Initial Certification Application
012 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Reciprocal Certification Application
013 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Certification Renewal
015 Processing and Recycling General Information
016 Annual Recycling Report (for use by State Agencies/Departments and Schools ONLY)
018 Composting Facility Application
019 Annual Walkthrough Inspection Log
278 Disposal Approval Request
300 Solid Waste Profile Sheet
302 Threshold Planning Quantities
305 Permit Application Solid Waste Disposal Facility Construction/Demolition Landfill
317 Alabama Hazardous Waste/Used Oil Transporter Permit Application
323 Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technology Equipment Approval Application
330 Application for Name Change or Transfer of Permit Solid Waste Disposal Facility
410 Medical Waste Notification Form
411 Medical Waste Transporter Permit Application
412 Medical Waste Treatment Permit Application
425 Notification of Election of Coverage under The Alabama Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Act
439 Permit Application Solid Waste Disposal Facility
521 Voluntary Cleanup Program Application Form
530 Technical Proposal for Qualification as a Scrap Tire Fund Remediation Contractor
536 Scrap Tire Manifest
537 Scrap Tire Registration & Exemption Application
538 Scrap Tire Transporter Permit Application
539 Scrap Tire Quarterly Report
540 Scrap Tire Processor Permit Application
541 Scrap Tire Site Registration
542 Brownfields State Revolving Fund PreApplication Form
543 Brownfields State Revolving Fund Application Fund
545 Cathodic Protection Monitoring for Galvanic Systems
546 Alabama Hazardous Waste Receipt for Samples and Documents
550 Brownfields Assessment Request Application
8700-12 Notification of Regulated Waste Activity