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Waste/Remediation Forms

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Form # Form Name Program
009 Alabama Recycling Fund Grant Application Waste/Remediation
011 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Initial Certification Application Waste/Remediation
012 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Reciprocal Certification Application Waste/Remediation
013 Solid Waste Landfill Operator Certification Renewal Waste/Remediation
015 Processing and Recycling General Information Waste/Remediation
016 Annual Recycling Report (for use by State Agencies/Departments and Schools ONLY) Waste/Remediation
018 Composting Facility Application Waste/Remediation
019 Annual Walkthrough Inspection Log Waste/Remediation
278 Disposal Approval Request Waste/Remediation
300 Solid Waste Profile Sheet Waste/Remediation
302 Threshold Planning Quantities Waste/Remediation
305 Permit Application Solid Waste Disposal Facility Construction/Demolition Landfill Waste/Remediation
317 Alabama Hazardous Waste/Used Oil Transporter Permit Application Waste/Remediation
323 Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technology Equipment Approval Application Waste/Remediation
330 Application for Name Change or Transfer of Permit Solid Waste Disposal Facility Waste/Remediation
410 Medical Waste Notification Form Waste/Remediation
411 Medical Waste Transporter Permit Application Waste/Remediation
412 Medical Waste Treatment Permit Application Waste/Remediation
425 Notification of Election of Coverage under The Alabama Drycleaning Environmental Response Trust Fund Act Waste/Remediation
439 Permit Application Solid Waste Disposal Facility Waste/Remediation
520 General Phase II MS4 Stormwater Permit Renewal Notice of Intent Waste/Remediation
521 Voluntary Cleanup Program Application Form Waste/Remediation
530 Technical Proposal for Qualification as a Scrap Tire Fund Remediation Contractor Waste/Remediation
536 Scrap Tire Manifest Waste/Remediation
537 Scrap Tire Registration & Exemption Application Waste/Remediation
538 Scrap Tire Transporter Permit Application Waste/Remediation
539 Scrap Tire Quarterly Report Waste/Remediation
540 Scrap Tire Processor Permit Application Waste/Remediation
541 Scrap Tire Site Registration Waste/Remediation
542 Brownfields State Revolving Fund PreApplication Form Waste/Remediation
543 Brownfields State Revolving Fund Application Fund Waste/Remediation
545 Cathodic Protection Monitoring for Galvanic Systems Waste/Remediation
546 Alabama Hazardous Waste Receipt for Samples and Documents Waste/Remediation
550 Brownfields Assessment Request Application Waste/Remediation
8700-12 Notification of Regulated Waste Activity Waste/Remediation