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Healthy Yards, Healthy Families

Before beginning an outdoor project, locate the nearest storm drain and take action to protect it from debris. This may require you to sweep the gutter between your project and the storm drain, before starting work.

Chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides can be harmful to you, your family, plants, and animal life. Read labels carefully and don't apply if the forecast calls for rain.

Use mulch instead of herbicides to prevent weeds from growing and to help absorb and retain water for your plants.

Select drought resistant native plants that conserve water and prevent runoff. Don't overwater your lawn and water during the cooler times of day.

Drain swimming pools only when chlorine levels are not detected by your swimming pool test kit.

Keep the gutters in front of your house clean of leaves and grass clippings. Sweep up debris instead of hosing down the driveway.

Install "rain gardens" in low lying areas of your yard that normally collects water.
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neat, well-kept flower bed
wheelbarrow full of leaves


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