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Lower High Falls, Talladega Forest - Bill Wilson
Alabama Nonpoint Source Management Program

Alabama received formal approval of its revised Nonpoint Source Management Plan (Plan) from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in August 2014. The revised Plan provides a comprehensive strategy for Alabama's Nonpoint Source Management Program (Program) which is required under Section 319(b) of the Clean Water Act. The Plan serves as a guideline for a wide range of approaches that have been identified to achieve the preservation, protection, and restoration of Alabama's watersheds, water quality, and natural resources.

A primary purpose of the Program is to bring stakeholders together, to collect and share information on water quality, and to develop a statewide plan to protect or restore the state's natural resources from current and future impacts of nonpoint source pollution. Since 1989 when Alabama's Program was initially approved by EPA, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management has continued to work with local stakeholders, partner agencies, and individual landowners to implement its Program. The revised Plan strengthens efforts to achieve these goals and to improve water quality throughout Alabama.

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