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Take Action for Clean Water

When it rains and water flows across our yards, streets and parking lots, it flows directly into storm drains. You've probably seen storm drains on our Alabama streets. Many people think that the water and pollutants that flow into a storm drain get treated, just like wastewater in a sewer system. However, these two systems are not connected. Everything that flows into a storm drain goes untreated directly into our creeks, rivers, lakes, and ultimately the ocean. Storm water can contain pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, litter, oil, automobile fluids, soil/sediment and household chemicals. Some of these pollutants flow into storm drains unintentionally, but many times items are carelessly placed directly into storm drains. The Clean Water Act prohibits the disposal of wastes and pollutants into creeks, bays, lakes, and oceans.

You and your family can play an important role in preventing storm water pollution. The links below provide you with easy and inexpensive tips to prevent pollutants from entering storm drains. If everyone makes a few simple changes, we can help protect our Alabama lifestyle and environment. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management encourages you to "Take Action for Clean Water" by preventing pollution before it reaches our waterways.

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