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Information for Consumers

Public Water
The Drinking Water Branch regulates the state’s public water systems. A public water system is a system for the provision of potable water that serves at least 15 service connections or 25 persons at least 60 days of the year.

While the Department has clear authority over the quality of water provided by a drinking water authority, we do not have authority over water rates, billing disputes, or service areas. For these issues, we recommend contacting the Alabama Public Service Commission or representative of your water utility’s governing board.

Do you have a problem with the quality of water provided by your drinking water utility? We recommend first contacting your utility for assistance; their technicians and operators have the most current information about the characteristics of the water chemistry, and will likely be aware of any line breaks or pressure issues that can cause temporary water loss or quality problems. If they are unable to assist you, we have compiled a list of common water quality complaints that may be helpful. You may also submit a complaint for investigation by our technical staff.

Drinking Water Watch
Use this searchable database of analytical results, schedules, violations, and enforcement actions to learn more about the quality of your drinking water and your public water system’s compliance with state and federal regulations.

Private Wells
ADEM does not have regulatory authority over individual private wells, nor do we have funding for testing of private wells. If you have concerns about the quality of water from a private well, we recommend contacting your local health department or one of the state’s certified drinking water testing laboratories for recommendations on testing. If there are concerns about how the well was constructed, one of the state’s certified well drillers may be of assistance.

Occasionally we receive inquiries about the location of private wells. We do not maintain a database of these facilities, though they may appear on various studies and documents received by the Department. The Geological Survey of Alabama does have some limited records that may be helpful.

Homeowners without access to clean, reliable drinking water in certain Alabama counties may be eligible for assistance from the Water Well Trust.

Information on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water
Information on lead in drinking water at public schools
Child Care Facilities and Schools Lead Testing Program