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303(d) Information and Map

Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (CWA) establishes that states are to list (the 303(d) list) waters for which technology-based limits alone do not ensure attainment of applicable water quality standards (WQS). The 303(d) list is to be submitted by the states to EPA on April 1 of each even numbered year. The 303(d) list includes priority rankings set by the state for the listed waters.

Final 2014 303(d) List
Final 2014 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2012 303(d) List
Final 2012 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2010 303(d) List
Final 2010 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2008 303(d) List
Final 2008 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2006 303(d) List
Final 2006 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2004 303(d) List
Final 2004 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2002 303(d) List
Final 2002 303(d) Fact Sheet

Final 2000 303(d) List
Final 2000 Fact Sheet

Final 1998 303(d) List
Final 1996 303(d) list

Once the impaired waters are identified, Section 303(d) requires that the states establish total daily maximum loads (TMDLs) that will meet water quality standards for each listed water, considering seasonal variations and a margin of safety (MOS) that accounts for uncertainty.

EPA's regulations for implementing Section 303(d) can be found in the Codified Federal Register (CFR) for Water Quality Planning and Management at 40 CFR Part 130. The regulations define terms used in Section 303(d) and otherwise interpret and expand upon the statutory requirements.

2014 303(d) GIS Layers

2014 All Impaired Waters GIS Layer

2014 Assessed Waters GIS Layers

Final 2014 Water Quality Assessment and Listing Methodology

Final 2012 Water Quality Assessment and Listing Methodology

Final 2010 Water Quality Assessment and Listing Methodology

Final 2008 Water Quality Assessment and Listing Methodology

2014 Approved TMDLs