Monroe County

Alabama River Cellulose LLC has applied for a permit renewal of current Solid Waste Disposal Permit  for the Alabama River Cellulose Landfill(Permit No. 50-05). The approved waste stream for the Alabama River Cellulose Landfill would remain Filtercake, Boiler Ashes, Wood wastes, Lime Wastes, and Rubbish consisting of combustible and noncombustible materials, including but not limited to pallets, machine clothing, paper, rags, cartons, rubber, plastics, glass, metal, containers rendered incapable of holding liquids, and waste from the newsprint operations that contain the above-mentioned materials. Construction/Demolition Waste consisting of waste building materials, packaging, and rubble, including but not limited to masonry materials, sheet rock, roofing, insulation (not including asbestos), scrap metal, and wood products. Process residues consisting of solid, non-hazardous process residues generated during routine and non-routine maintenance operations, including but not limited to tank residues, line residues, and sewer system deposits. Wastes resulting from releases consisting of solid, non-hazardous wastes generated during the clean-up of a material release, including but not limited to petroleum contaminated waste, the clean-up of non-hazardous material spills, and clean-up of materials rendered non-characteristic hazardous wastes (other than toxic and listed) during clean-up.

The service area for Alabama River Cellulose Landfill would remain Alabama River Cellulose, LLC facility located in Perdue Hill, Alabama, and all the Georgia-Pacific facilities located in the state of Alabama.  The maximum average daily volume of waste to be disposed at the Alabama River Cellulose Landfill would remain 2000 cubic yards per day.

Alabama River Cellulose Landfill is described as being located in part of the Northeast ¼ of Section 17 and in the North ½ of Section 16, Township 7 N, and Range 6 East in Monroe County, Alabama. The Alabama River Cellulose Landfill comprises of approximately 228.687 acres, with a disposal area of 160 acres.

Copies of the public notice and proposed permit are available for public inspection electronically via the ADEM web site at and the complete application is available at the following location Monday – Friday (except legal holidays), 8:00 am to 5:00 pm by appointment.  A nominal fee for copying and/or mailing may be charged.  Arrangements for copying should be made in advance.

Russell A. Kelly, Chief
Permits and Services Division
1400 Coliseum Blvd.
[Mailing address: PO Box 301463; Zip 36130-1463]
Montgomery, Alabama 36109-2400
(334) 271-7714

Persons wishing to comment may do so, in writing, to the Department's named contact above within 35 days following the publication date of this notice.  In order to affect final decisions, comments must offer technically substantial information that is applicable to the proposed permit.

A written request for a public hearing may also be filed within that 35-day period and must state the nature of the issues proposed to be raised in the hearing.  The Director shall hold a public hearing upon receipt of a significant number of technical requests.

After consideration of all written comments, review of any public hearing record, and consideration of the requirements of the Alabama Solid Wastes and Recyclable Materials Management Act, and applicable regulations, the Department will make a final determination.  The Department will develop a response to comments, which will become part of the public record and will be available to persons upon request.  Notice will be sent to any person requesting notice of the final action.

The Department maintains a list of interested individuals who are mailed legal notices regarding proposed permits.  If you wish to receive such notices, contact the Permits & Services Division via telephone (334-271-7714), e-mail (, or postal service (P.O. Box 301463, Montgomery, AL  36130-1463).

This notice is hereby given on this 16th day of February, 2018, by authorization of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Lance R. LeFleur

Nondiscrimination Statement: The Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in the administration of its programs.